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Salesforce Services Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce allows businesses great agility and connectedness. Equipped to enable and empower ventures to tie loose ends and streamline in a variety of arenas, Salesforce offers tools and services difference Salesforce Clouds to specifically address functions in targeted areas like Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and more.  

The Service Cloud – as the name suggests – refers to the customer relationship and service platform that lets your business manage, automate and streamline a multitude of services related tasks, including multi-channel query, grievance and support management. A part of the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, Service Cloud offers many features useful for businesses of all scales and sizes. One can automate routine, repetitive tasks, leverage data and analytics for business success, and create excellent workflows using this Cloud.

Looking to harness this powerful tool to accelerate your customer loyalty, overall service standard, business growth and revenues? Well, at atQor, we have helped scores of enterprises get the most out of their investments in the Salesforce Service Cloud. Reach out to our certified and experienced Salesforce consultants to turnaround your customer service operations.

Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

The Service Cloud by Salesforce not only helps you enhance your customer service operations and overall customer experience, but also nudges you to realign and focus on what’s most important, as you automate the rest. Some of the key features/ capabilities of Service Cloud are –  

Omni-Channel Ability

Stay present at every relevant window with mobile support & process support across multiple channels – like email, chat, social platforms etc.

Empower with Self Service

Get capabilities like real-time chat feature, customer self-service feature and more; encourage swift & automated customer service. 

Unified Knowledge & Data

Centralize knowledge base and market insights for your service agents & staff for quick query and grievance redressal.  

Customer Management

Create, track and manage cases – leads, potential customers, converts, clients – through their entire journey.

AI-backed Processes

AI-powered capabilities like Einstein Bots & Einstein Next Best Action – to help you assist in routine tasks, curate personalized experiences & more.  

Reporting & Analytics

Track key performance metrics, get actionable insights, identify areas of improvement & take informed decisions with real-time analytics & brilliant reporting.  

Why should I take Salesforce Service Cloud?

Customer is the most prized asset for any business. Managing this key aspect well is more than crucial in today’s turbulent and ever-changing landscape. Once you earn customer trust and loyalty, well, you have a lot already in your kitty. Salesforce Service Cloud is made to order – if enhancing service standards are important to you. Plus, there are multiple other reasons, some of which include  

Trusted & Widely Used

Most significant Salesforce Clouds, Service Cloud is being used successfully by thousands of businesses across the globe and verticals.  

Customer Engagement

Comes with all sorts of functionalities to manage and boost client experience and engagement.  

Intelligent Workflow

The smart and continually updated platform lets you automate and facilitate most business processes & customer interactions.

Intuitive Knowledge Management

Consolidate your knowledge base and let your staff & agents access the right information at the right time to address customer queries.

Personalized Interactions

Connect with your customers like never before – one-to-one or in general, across channels & devices.  

Industry Best

Powerful, integrated, trusted & used by the giants, scalable platform that lets you take the load off your customer service team and function.  

How is Salesforce Service Cloud Priced?

The pricing modules for Salesforce Clouds are quite transparent and flexible to ensure customer satisfaction and higher ROIs. The Service Cloud is offered in 4 pricing tiers, and these can be purchased as per the scale and need of your business. These include –  

Essentials – Useful for small team sizes and comes at the minimal monthly cost of less than USD30 per user.  

Professional – Offers complete CRM capabilities for any team size; currently priced at USD 75 per month, per user.   

Enterprise – Most popularly purchased license, it offers comprehensive CRM capabilities with customizable features, and is priced at USD 150 per user, per month.  

Unlimited – Suitable for large operations, requiring custom functionalities & tweaks, along with additional support, sandbox testing & unlimited tabs/apps.   


Yes, you can manage not only your orders but also your assets with service cloud by Salesforce. The potent platform lets you track customer data, order history and support history, thereby enabling an efficient order management.  

The Service Cloud comes with a host of features and benefits. The key features are listed on our page, and you can also reach out a atQor Salesforce consultant to understand this better. Some other useful features include –  

  • Multiple Language Support 
  • Enabling Role-based permissions 
  • Team Collaboration tools 
  • Customized Reporting capabilities 
  • Mobile Application  
  • Community Cloud Integration ability  

Get in touch with us today to know more, or understand how this can be tailored fit for your business and operations.  

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