Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Marketing automation to help you connect dots at every touchpoint in your marketing & sales journey  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing is a part of the Customer 360 – a comprehensive technology apps suite by Salesforce, which lets you connect various functions in an organization. Customer 360 works with the Data Cloud that enables security, automation, intuitiveness and data unification, through one common platform. The platform is available as separate modules. The Marketing Cloud offers integrated digital solutions for customers, along with unparalleled marketing automation features. A business can engage with its customers via multiple channels, and create, manage and execute personalized and targeted marketing campaigns with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It also offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, which ensures that businesses stay true to what metrics say and take informed decisions.

Whether you take only the Marketing Cloud for your business operations or also license the other modules like Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud, you can be sure of getting all the great benefits and trust, which are a Salesforce promise. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is agile, highly customizable and integrated with all other Salesforce products like CRM etc. – which allows businesses to create seamless customer and employee experiences, across myriad touchpoints.

We highly recommend that you find a trusted Salesforce partner, if getting the Marketing Cloud is on your agenda. With a host of capabilities, latest know-how and expert experience, Salesforce partners can help you get the most out of your investment on the Marketing Cloud and your overall marketing endeavors. With a variety of personnel, from consultants to developers and Salesforce solution architects on board, atQor is one such partner you can trust to transform your business and sales/ marketing efforts with this powerful tool.


Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

From orchestrating personalized client journeys to ensuring that every step of your digital marketing efforts is streamlined and efficient – you can do a lot with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Here are some of its key benefits –

Unified Platform

Connect your teams with customers seamlessly, as you control messaging flows across multiple channels, take informed, swift action and discover useful insights through one common platform.  

Aligns Sales & Marketing Teams

Collaborate across the board; find & address issues swiftly; bring together disparate teams & members, working from anywhere; consolidate data & leads and keep everyone on the same page.


Armed with the power to customize & tailor your online marketing messages & experiential journeys, you can create custom tools to leave that special personal touch. Shape client experience with predictive analysis & reach out to every consumer, as per their preference.   

Secure & Flexible

A promise of unmatched security, trust & protection from threats, rivals & even malpractices. An agile platform that is scalable and adaptable, as per your specific needs & the changing sales, marketing & customer profiles/ needs.  

Omni-Channel, Multi-Tool

Reach out & get connected to your clients, via multiple channels, through multiple tools like audience builder, content builder, analytics builder & more. Use metrics to get actionable insights; take control of your content & its delivery  


Focused on customer engagement, experience & well-being. Intuitive platform that understands and adapts to changing customer psychology, demands and business landscape. Keeps you change ready too.

Key Products of the Marketing Cloud

Email Studio

Build impressive client emails. Create, track &manage email marketing campaigns. Employ constructed A/B testing features, data analytics features and smart distribution tools – to optimize your marketing efforts and spends.   

Mobile Studio

Reach your customers where & when they are with SMS, push notifications and instant messaging. Great for establishing personalized, direct communication with clients through mobile devices. Consists of 3 sub-modules – MobilePush, GroupConnect & MobileConnect

Journey Builder

Enable digital marketing capabilities of your business, as you design/curate personalized & targeted customer journeys, employing automation, across channels like email, mobile, social & advertising. Integrate sales & service operations, optimize your results & get insights & metrics that matter. 

Content Builder

Take charge of your content with a single platform that lets you build, control & report content across & through all your digital platforms. Consolidate content building & knowledge with smart tools, which recommend, design, create & target   

Why does my business need to work with a Marketing Cloud Expert?

A Salesforce consultant is a very important part of your digital transformation journey. The consultant partners are trusted and experienced experts who have demonstrated best practices in implementation, deployment and custom solutions for customers of all kinds and needs. They understand the platform in and out, are updated and keyed into the client needs. Here are some other reasons, you must work with a Marketing Cloud consultant –  

Hands-on experience – Consultant companies have personnel who are Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers or Solutions Architect etc. They work with a variety of cl  

Optimization of Resources – Since consultants understand the platform, they can offer & deploy best implementation strategies so you get higher RoIs on your tech investments.  

Certified Expertise – Consultant companies like atQor ensure their personnel undergo training programs/ certifications to get the best practical knowledge of the Marketing Cloud. 

Personalization – With their in-depth understanding of the Marketing solutions, Salesforce consultants have the ability & skills to build customized dynamic emails (AMPscript) & other tailored solutions.  

Effectiveness – When you work with a Marketing Cloud expert, you get an effective, scalable & intelligent solution that’s in tune with your specific requirements.      

Troubleshooting & Support – From planning to implementation, deployment of builders/ journeys/ studios/ custom solutions & appropriate training/support, consultants can help you every step of the way.  


The Marketing Cloud is useful for most businesses. From startups to enterprises and large manufacturing companies, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is being used by ventures of all kinds, scales and sizes. It is ideal for an enterprise-sized sales and marketing team and for B2C operations. However, since it lets you focus on every customer interaction, even smaller operations and startups may find it highly useful. The comprehensive solution supports many marketing processes, right from advertising to email and more.  

This is one of the most loved and trusted Marketing solutions worldwide. With a market share of over 24% in the year 2022, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is undoubtedly a top choice as a marketing automation platform.

Salesforce, as a whole, is a Software as a Service or SaaS. The users do not have to maintain or install a software or server. They can simply create an account, pay for the licenses and start using the software service for their business  

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