Drive Sales with Nintex for Salesforce

Adding Automation to your Salesforce for Better Analytics 


Nintex, a platform developed on SharePoint is a powerful and easy-to-use platform used by top companies to develop and automate business processes to drive growth. The platform comes with excellent Nintex forms, Intelligent and advanced workflow, etc. Furthermore, you get digital document generation, process discovery technology, robotic process automation, and other powerful solutions to manage your business well. Nintex for Salesforce helps organizations automate tasks and drive productivity by accelerating business growth globally.  

atQor’s Salesforce Nintex consulting services expert guides you in providing simple to the complex workflow by simply using drag and drop interface. Nintext comes with low to no coding Nintext workflow for SharePoint to fit based on your existing environment without adding separate servers or any infrastructure.  


Nintex for Your Salesforce Automation

Document Generation Without Code

Use the Nintex document generation platform to create automated contracts, invoices, and work orders. Build and share documents in a few clicks within Salesforce or Office 365. With Document Generation, there are no chances of errors, and the tool supports customers to deliver precise documents every time you ask for them. The possibilities are endless, start creating documents like never before. 


Workflow Automation with Accelerating Businesses

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint helps to streamline the process and accelerate business by adding easy to use automation tool. With the Nintex Workflow Cloud platform, customers can transform operations, automate the process, use digital forms, and document generation by integrating it with different solutions. Use workflow automation and design your flow quickly within a few minutes.  


Automated Enterprise Forms with Nintext Forms

To update the Salesforce records, Nintex forms are being used to create dynamic online forms and capture accurate data from anywhere. Use drag-and-drop functionality controls and add business logic to it by making customized forms. Add precise data to save time and reduce errors by adding validation rules, and conditional formatting and build Nintex forms based on your business environment. 

Mobilize Workflow with Nintex Mobile

Nintex Mobile uses mobile workflow management to review and approve documents while keeping your business running globally. Users can fill, complete, and submit their form to workflow, respond to the request, add signatures, and stay connected to keep the process moving. Use Nintex app studio to create and design custom apps based on your business requirements. 


Nintex Platform

Nintex Workflow Cloud

Automate your business process faster, drive innovation, collaborate team, and add a secure electronic signature with Nintex workflow cloud integration. Use the drag-and-drop feature and create a seamless user experience throughout the workflow. Build it once and share it anywhere. 

Nintex Forms

Get an automated solution quickly using Nintex forms and build a process with no code. The best way is to use controls like the drag-and-drop feature with building forms into any environment. It can be accessed from any device like Nintex workflow cloud, office 365, and SharePoint.  

Nintex Hawkeye

With Nintex Hawkeye workflow users can easily visualize and analyze the process by scaling your business workflow, adding informed decisions, and deriving actionable insights. Build an intelligent process by adding expertise and knowledge and evaluating your customer relationship.  

Nintex Xtensions

Nintex Xtension, a framework that helps to create an Xtension using high-value Nintex connectors and integrate it with any service or data source. Add an Xtension to add in a third-party platform with creating a workflow and automating actions into your business workflows. 

Nintex App Studio

Simplify your app design workflow for Windows, iOS, Android, and other devices without using code. Create an application within minutes without writing a single line of code. Get a tailor-made experience across all mobile devices without maintaining multiple environments.  

Nintex Document Generation

Nintex Document Generation for Salesforce comes with using a no-code solution and helps to automate and deliver data processes stored in It comes with capabilities like generating contracts, invoices, letters, order forms, reports, proposals, and more. 

Drive innovation and solve complex business processes with Nintex Consulting Services for Salesforce.

Get a key solution for process management, process automation, and process optimization. Grow your enterprise by adding excellent workflow with Nintex professional services.

Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation for Salesforce

Nintex Drawloop DocAutomation for Salesforce, an application that provides access to the Nintex automation cloud available within Salesforce. Anyone can use the app without leaving Salesforce. One can use services like design Nintex workflow, track the activity of workflow, and pause them whenever required.  

Nintex DocGen for Salesforce

Nintex DocGen for Salesforce mainly focuses on one task and comes with a no-code solution to automate the document generation process easily. This reduces the delivery process and allows users to create consistent documents with reduced errors. Simplify the document creation process and easily merge data into Excel, Word, PDF, or any PowerPoint format. 


Nintex offers a rich-featured platform for businesses to add improvement and automation to their business. The workflow helps in the proper visualization of data and sharing them across various platforms with ease. Moreover, the platform helps in building relevant workflow by adding automation by using forms and integration. Finally, create reporting and analytics suite to grow your business globally. 

Create Document Templates – Use document action to generate a template and add variables/images to it. 

Repeat Data – The user can use repeated data and add in document template displaying data from rows, and tables, in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

Configure the Generated Document Action – Add generated action, multiple templates, conditions, images, and later store licensing usage to it.  

  • Easy-to-Use Platform 
  • Easy Deployment Process 
  • No Code Required 
  • Customization at Each Point 
  • User Connect and Extend with Nintex Live 
  • Edit a list in Workflow. 

    • From Document Page -> Click on Library 
    • Choose Nintex Workflow 
    • Open Workflow Gallery Page and Edit it. 

    Create/Edit a Workflow site. 

    • Click on cog -> Nintex Workflow 
    • Select Create a Workflow site. 
    • Open workflow and edit. 

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