Salesforce Platform

It’s time to develop applications for your business model using the Salesforce Platform. 

Salesforce Platform
Looking to get the most from your Salesforce Platform?

Get ready to tailor your platform with productivity-boosting CRM services. A Salesforce Platform works as an enterprise platform as a service (PaaS) solution, allowing developers to build, test, and resolve cloud application defects before deployment. The Salesforce platform use tools to boost growth and productivity of your businesses. Our Salesforce consulting team help to centrally manage apps, automate the process and integrate it with various application. The platform helps users to build enterprise applications by dragging and dropping components into lightning app builder. Modify the data-object relationship with schema builder and connect with users and apps using external data sources.  

Salesforce Platform Development Layers

The Salesforce platform has three layers, which can be created and customized whenever the user requires it. Using the point-with-click interface within the Salesforce application can be declarable as it does not need coding skills. While programmatically, one can use code like lightning components, Apex, and other APIs. 

  • Data Models 
  • User Interface 
  • Business Logic 

Salesforce Platform Features to Transform your Business!

The Salesforce platform helps to automate everything without code and create real-time automation processes and systems to save more. Moreover, build intelligent apps and get faster time to value the change and release management tools easily. Connect to our Salesforce Platform Consulting team and increase efficiency.  

AI Innovation

Get connected with customers on a deeper level, which is powered by Artificial intelligence automation and various other recommendations.  

Data Protection and Privacy

Get a Platform consultancy and enhance trust, compliance, and transparency throughout your organization with point-and-click tools. From monitoring to encryptions, we have got you covered. 

Building Solutions

Add low-code or pro-code solutions capabilities to enable builders to create fast applications and transfer them to give an excellent mobile experience.  

Metadata Architecture

The Salesforce customization schema, like processes, applications, and configurations, is called metadata. It allows seamless and easy upgrades to keep the data future proofed. 


Use the most trusted enterprise cloud platform to build multitenancy at its core. Therefore, you have no hardware to worry about as it helps to manage the infrastructure, security, codebase, and more. 


Our team helps to drive productivity throughout your business and uses various enterprise tools. Get ready to build a community for your customers, share knowledge and work together using Salesforce data. 

Additional Benefits you can get by using Salesforce Platform

To create an integrated workflow and improve employee productivity, use the Salesforce platform to get design mobile-ready applications. Here are a few benefits that help to use a low-code mobile app development tool and experience better. 


One can easily migrate all the apps to mobile platforms and increase business productivity. 


Get ready to bring employees and customers together by using the Salesforce Platform.  


One can manage authentication and reduce the workload by using the built-in technology


Get ready to increase your productivity and automate digitizing your business. 

Boost Productivity Using Salesforce Platform Services

Salesforce Einstein 

If you have a lot of data, then Einstein learns from it, predicts it, and recommends it based on unique business processes. Pair it with insights, connect it with your customers, and make smarter decisions using inbuilt artificial intelligence.  

Lightning UX 

One can create an excellent user experience using Lightning and add a new way to see CRM. Get a more customized and intuitive way to work for users, build Salesforce applications faster using frameworks for admins, and reuse code across components without breaking customization.  

Salesforce Heroku 

As a part of Salesforce, Heroku offers a powerful solution to build customer-centric apps. Drive more robust customer relationships and deliver engaging apps on the public Cloud. Heroku helps to integrate customer data into the mobile app with ease. 

Solutions to your Business Challenges

Improve the company’s productivity and streamline the workflow by adding low-code app development tools. Get simplification to work using the Salesforce platform and see the difference yourself. Connect to our team and get a scalable solution with ease. We help you fill the gap between your teams and add a new level of transparency to your business. 

Easy Applications

Users can easily create applications, portals, communities, and more to take your business to thrive by adding a few clicks and customizing it with adding codes.  

Seamless Integration

Streamline your business with seamless integrating data from various systems into one single platform. Create a platform to engage more customers and experience better 

Automate and Digitize

Choosing a next-gen digital transformation offers access to information by automating repetitive tasks and removing process friction by creating a seamless work experience. 

Want to improve your application development process with the Salesforce Platform?

Connect with the atQor Salesforce platform consulting team and speed up your business operations. Our Salesforce developers are focused on the application and streamline all business processes with ease. Maximize your productivity and integrate your app, data, or device using Cloud based Salesforce platform.


It’s a comprehensive AI for CRM with an integrated set of AI technologies to make Salesforce customer 360 smarter, adding AI to trailblazers everywhere. It comes with two features: Einstein prediction builder, which allows the creation of custom AI models, and Einstein Bot, which helps create chatbots powered with a historical service.  

Salesforce Platform helps to shorten the process of introducing the business app to the market and later integrating it. Save time and increase efficiency by digitizing the Salesforce platform’s business models. 

One can enable and implement Einstein on the storefront, where the team will record your every move. Moreover, an expert consultant team will guide you through reviewing the site, specifying the features, and determining the next development steps.  


Our team uses the Salesforce platform to execute digital marketing campaigns. One of the advantages of using Salesforce is the ability to add additional customer attributes through email or social tactics. Furthermore, you can use tools like Path Optimizer, which enable A/B testing of subject email lines and work like a winner. 

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