Sales Cloud Services

Grow your business easier than ever with Salesforce CRM for Sales 

Sales Cloud Services
Introduction To Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is an enterprise product to offer an excellent platform to manage operations like logging product details, creating campaigns, managing contacts, generating reports, and adding dashboard features to increase growth using sales cloud’s intelligent automation and other intelligent tools. Manage and strengthen market opportunities by increasing business productivity and optimizing sales processes. Connect to the atQor Sales Cloud team and take your revenue to the next level. 

Strengthen your Relationship with Data-Driven Sales Cloud Features

Get ready to boost productivity with automation. It doesn’t matter what the size of the company is. Our CRM features support real-time digital selling, intelligence, and automation to drive efficient growth. Skill up your sales team and build a trusted relationship with your customers using the below Sales cloud features. 

Contact Management

Users must create an account and setup and manage the connections that drive all your business deals. It also comes with an option to associate the contacts with existing accounts. Moreover, you get entire client details adding discussions, conversions, and other important emails. 

Lead Management

A lead in any Sales cloud is a possible client that expresses an interest in purchasing a company’s goods or services after you run a campaign for personal reasons. Also, a client might have never done business and is looking for a potential client. 

Opportunity Management

One can manage and monitor every status of all open opportunities in your company by visualizing the entire process and converting a possible customer into an existing one. Automate and generate all documents required in your sales process depending on every specific customer requirement. 

Reports and Dashboards

Easily create your reports or can choose templates offered by Salesforce to make informed decisions at any time. Also, measure your company’s success based on reports generated, conversion rates, and conversion leads into opportunities with increasing sales team performance.  

Salesforce Mobile

One can sell faster with Salesforce Mobile. Get access to updated information and increase the sales agent’s productivity. Close the deals quicker and get access to all the files easily. One can build a custom-branded mobile app and add drag-and-drop development tools. 

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecast helps in understanding accurate time decisions about the sales process. One can generate predictions by making precise and informed decisions about future sales. Connect to atQor’s consulting team and create forecasts at any sales level via CRM data by setting up automated processes.  

Email Integration

Connect with Sales Cloud to integrate with Gmail platforms and Outlook to centralize the interaction with your company and its customers. It helps centralize the Salesforce CRM platform that can be accessed anytime by analyzing the discussion between company representatives and opportunities.  

Workflow and Approvals

Generate automated workflows with the help of a guided sales agent and follow best sales practices. One can create email alerts for closed sales or for closing specific transactions with customers. Also, optimize the team’s working time by automating manual tasks such as order confirmation, generating documents, and more. 

Sales Cloud Service Process

Step 1: Listen

Our experts listen to you and understand your business requirements and the challenges that you are facing with your current implementation.  

Step 2: Suggest

Our team provides the best solution to your complex business challenges by considering what suits the business and transforming it digitally. 

Step 3: Implement

Our cloud service team believes in working together as together, and we can achieve more. Hence, we act as your partners who help make your business successful.  

Step 4: Iterate

We strive for continuous improvement instead of getting perfection. Therefore, we listen to your feedback and focus on reaching milestones, sprints, and releases. 

Sales Cloud

Why Salesforce CRM and Sales Cloud?

At atQor, automate your process, and optimize values and other customer information by monitoring the progress of your business in real time. Moreover, Salesforce is a CRM sales platform that brings customers and companies together to build excellent relationships. Also, create a holistic customer image and build a new Salesforce Sales cloud strategy.  

To skill up people and win virtual sales 

Connect with customers through virtual engagement and adding rich CRM insights. Get data into a single source and access it from anywhere.  

Discover new ways to manage a remote sale team 

Our team is just one step away from our clients whenever they require it. Using our Sales cloud services enables your employees to be productive from anywhere and on any device.  

Have a trusted relationship 

One can leverage data and insights with helping to predict and optimize the revenue and add customer engagement. We support you in reaching the right audience and experience better. 

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Need Help?

What makes us Different from Others?

It’s like how one defines self and how the world perceives them. Hence, we at atQor define ourselves as innovators when discussing Sales cloud implementation, development, and customization. As a Salesforce Sales cloud consultant, we offers the customized support, maximizing the advantages of Salesforce sales cloud implementation and integration.


Sales Cloud aims to streamline sales and other marketing efforts by simplifying sales and marketing efforts. At the same time, Service Cloud comes with excellent customer service to resolve issues before it becomes a problem.  

Salesforce cloud service allows managing all related activities in a single place. It helps to save time by spending less on administration and more on other deals. Moreover, it comes with real-time visibility into the team’s activities. A few other advantages of using Sales Cloud support are ease the use and customization based on client requirements.  

atQor, as a consulting Salesforce partner, supports resolving complex CRM implementation. The cost varies as it depends on the volume of data you’re migrating and the technical complexity of your Salesforce build. It also depends on the ongoing support and maintenance you want.  

There are mainly four Sales Cloud editions that help to address specific sales requirements, including small, mid-sized, and large-sized businesses. It includes: 

  • Essentials 
  • Professionals 
  • Enterprise  
  • Unlimited 


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