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Build Smart and Personalized apps with Salesforce App Development by unleashing the power of Salesforce. 

App Development

Our Salesforce App Development Approach

Increase sales and marketing and enhance your customer services using Salesforce App development services. atQor, a well-emerging Salesforce custom app development company, provides a wide range of Salesforce services. We support customers to leverage all functionalities and solve complex project needs with generating higher ROI. Our Salesforce consultant assists you in understanding and evaluating the options with defining a clear path for doing business.  

If you want to improve your overall business process and have robust Salesforce solutions, connecting with the best Salesforce consulting company like atQor can be beneficial. No matter your business size, our expert team is always ready to provide a comprehensive solution and help you accomplish your business objectives.  

Integrate bug-free applications with various business platforms to boost your business growth, performance, and productivity. So, if you think we are the right Salesforce app consulting and developing company, let’s discuss your project requirement and grow together. 

Customers are paramount to any business. A Customer Relationship Management platform like Salesforce should be a vital aspect of any business vision and strategy. Salesforce is one the largest and most used cloud-based CRM platforms in the world.  With its range of services – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Collaboration – Salesforce CRM is innovative, scalable and agile – in tune with any business need and size. 

Salesforce CRM software lets a business streamline and seamlessly tie together all its client-facing or client-involving operations and processes – with the use of relevant, latest technology. CRMs stitch and make sense of disparate data, continually trickling in from diverse sources and operations. This transforms mere data into powerful business intelligence, helping organizations foster a data-driven, informed decision-making culture.      

Well-integrated and implemented Salesforce CRM helps companies achieve their sales and revenue objectives, while fostering brand loyalty and awareness, as it helps a business manage its customer interactions and enhance overall client experience. 

Salesforce App Development Services

Salesforce Implementation Services

Our Salesforce implementation services help to transform your business processes and revolutionize them by collaborating with the customers. We offer a few implementation services: Commerce Cloud, Sales and Service Cloud, eCommerce and Marketing Cloud, Einstein AI, and other Lightning capabilities.

Salesforce Customization Services

We customized the existing app based on your business requirements. If you want to add specific features not available in the default configuration, our team can help you add them to your interface through adjustments to other underlying code. Connect to our Salesforce consultant and create custom pages with ease. 

Salesforce CRM Integration Services

Our Salesforce consultant helps to integrate Salesforce using various third-party applications, cloud storage tools, ERP systems, workflow management, and more. Get connected with certified Salesforce developers to use an excellent Salesforce integration practice.  

Salesforce Configuration Services

We have an expert Salesforce configuration services team who can help identify your custom needs, create a custom application, and integrate it where required. Get ensured about having a successful execution and expanding the page layout and customizing the user interface. Also, create an additional report defining the validation rules. 

Salesforce Data Migration Services

Our Salesforce Migration services use the best tools and techniques to achieve secure data migrations. With Salesforce migration solutions, one can reduce the risk and maintain data integrity by eliminating errors. Few of the processes we follow are Data planning, selection, mapping, integrity, and more.  

Salesforce Classic to Lighting Services

Get a cross-device experience using lightning services, process automation, and other AppExchange apps for lightning conversions. Our Salesforce consulting team is ready to make your existing Salesforce Mobile and Lightning apps compatible. Moreover, as the lightning apps are consistent, it comes with managed and unmanaged options. 

Salesforce App Development Process


Before we start the Salesforce project, our expert consultant will connect with you and discuss your needs in depth. After proper understanding, we determine the project goals. 


After discussion, we create a design roadmap by implementing ideas, milestones, and strategies. Later, our consultant creates a detailed plan and initiates the project. 


Development Process

The next after creating prototyping of the project comes the development phase. We create MVPs, check with real-time users, and add features based on their feedback.

Quality Check

Our experts always believe in providing qualitative services. Therefore, we make proper testing which adds load test, performance test, and many more to ensure you get great quality solutions. 


After checking quality, we move on with the final product deployment. Here, we launch the project by performing all satisfactory activities and completing the seamless deployment.

After-Sales Support

After project completion, we never leave our customers alone. We provide after-support to help them resolve bugs and solve complex queries based on business needs. 

Why atQor for Salesforce Application Development?

Faster Response Time

Our team helps in building and launching the application at a faster speed and fulfilling your business requirements as you have asked for. 

Connect with Customers

Our consultant helps leverage the integrated Salesforce platform and supports building an excellent customer communication channel. 

Ease to Use

Get easy to use interface with Salesforce where users do not need a technical background to use the services.  

Effective Business Process

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business process using customized Salesforce solutions.  

Secure and Seamless Integration

Get reliable, scalable, secure, and seamless integration with on-premises applications by using Salesforce consultant services.  

High-Quality Support

We offer services that come with high-quality support and enable you to add resources without augmenting the overhead count. 

What are the main features that come under Salesforce App Development?

Anyone can use and build the Salesforce applications and get the following features: 

  • Boost in Productivity 
  • Brand Enhancement 
  • Platform Customization  
  • Mobile Enablement 
  • Faster Time to Market 
Is Salesforce helpful in managing the workforce and various business activities?

Yes, Salesforce app development offers a customized workforce for the customized platform. It leads to a self-learning environment and dynamics ecosystem. Our expert consultant assists in improving work productivity and bringing maximum business value.  

Does Salesforce Lightning cost more than classic?

No, it is just the better version of classic services. Moving to the lightning platform is the best way to get better productivity. It comes with a set of resources that helps to visualize the recommendation and offers excellent lightning experiences.  

What type of industries can benefit from using Salesforce?

Almost all organizations of any type and size can benefit from using Salesforce. It includes service providers, sales organizations, and other non-profit organizations. It helps create and manage your internet sales and customer data and track the sales pipeline regularly. Moreover, it enables tracking your inventory and can be used for small-to-large organizations.  


Does atQor provide Salesforce app support and maintenance services?

Yes, sure, we offer Salesforce app support at an affordable cost, depending on the plan you selected. Select the right one that suits your business requirements with ease. 

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