Salesforce Consulting Services

Get ready to reshape your business through our customized Salesforce Consulting Solutions.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Consulting Services

From strategizing to implementation, we got you all covered. As a Salesforce consulting service provider, we help boost productivity and improve customer services. Redefine the customer relationship in the wake of the dynamic technological landscape. At atQor, you get certified Salesforce consultants and technologies partners who do everything from Salesforce lightning conversions to enabling custom dashboards to mobile app development. Moreover, you get full benefits from using the power of the Salesforce platform. 

Our Salesforce team is committed to understanding your specific business needs by applying Salesforce knowledge and offering clients long-lasting business value. Connect to our Salesforce Consulting Services, which aims to support sales, marketing, and other customer service requirements. Let us enable your people, processes, and tools by partnering with atQor to align your needs. 

Salesforce Consulting Services

As a Salesforce-certified partner, atQor has a team that offers a complete range of consulting services. We prefer quality over quantity and deliver solutions leveraging our experience, expertise, and dedication. 

Salesforce Implementation

Using the consultancy approach, our team performs the Salesforce implementation by following the business requirements and migrating data to Salesforce. We understand the needs and use best practices to map the application. 

Salesforce Managed Services

Our atQor consulting service team offers a wide range of operations that vary from development to deployment and support. We have an expert team that prevents system problems before they affect users and Salesforce supported processes.  

Salesforce Configuration & Customization

Complete customization of your Salesforce instance best aligns with your business goals. Our team helps configure and customize Salesforce Clouds by adding minimum custom coding and maximizing built-in Salesforce tools. 

Salesforce Integration

Our certified Salesforce team combines Salesforce solutions with other data software to increase productivity and performance. We aim to help clients synchronize all data from different systems and collaborate by developing complex applications.  

Salesforce Migration & Synchronization

Our Salesforce consulting service team helps to migrate from any CRM or legacy system adding the minimum risk of work interruption while checking data consistency. If you want to synchronize the data between apps and Salesforce, we help you integrate the servers. 

Salesforce App Development

Our team creates apps using our Salesforce app development services built into the 360 platforms. Moreover, using third-party apps, the lightning platform has a simple approach to creating business logic, integration, and customized UI. 

Salesforce Support Services

Our Salesforce consulting service team handles the configuration, performance issues, remapping process, and other feature integrations you require over time. Keep your solutions stable and well-functioning with Salesforce support service.  

How We Improve the Use of Salesforce?

As a Salesforce Consulting partner, we work with you to discover and understand the challenge you face in using Salesforce. Our certified team focuses on eliminating Salesforce challenges by enabling your organization to thrive and provide an unmatched client experience. A few of the common pain points that we solve for our clients are: 

Salesforce Products We Work In

Salesforce Sales Cloud

We use Sales Cloud to build long-time loyal customers and guide them to expand their reach. Using Salesforce for Cloud helps improve productivity and efficiently manage your customer database. Connect to our Salesforce consulting service and grow globally. 

Salesforce Analytic Cloud

Get a robust and secured Cloud based analytical solution developed to assist medium to large size organizations with analyzing loads of data efficiently. Get real-time insights from choosing the best Salesforce consultant. Our Salesforce team takes corrective actions when required. 

Salesforce Service Cloud

As the service cloud is built on the Salesforce customer success platform, it comes with a 360-degree view of your customer, enabling them to provide faster, smarter, and more personalized services. Get free Salesforce consultation regarding your Salesforce service cloud. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Move fast using the automated Salesforce Commerce Cloud, saving time and money. Build a trusted relationship with real-time data delivery. Grow your conversions by getting more and doing less. Launch and manage your site with the help of the Salesforce team.  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Everything can be done with a single platform called the Marketing cloud. Marketing Cloud product makes it easier for businesses to well-organize and supervise online marketing efforts. Choose the best Consulting service to make your task easier. 

Salesforce Community Cloud

Experience better by using the excellent Salesforce community cloud tool. Collaborate with the Salesforce Partner and get accurate information. Get seamless cloud integration and reach a wider audience by connecting to professionals. 

Salesforce App Cloud

Build apps quickly with the Salesforce App cloud. App Cloud contains an extensive collection of development tools that allow developers to create apps that will keep running on the Salesforce platforms. Start building your app today with the help of Consulting services. 

Salesforce Integration Cloud

Streamline the operation and enhance the user experience using Salesforce Integration Cloud. Our expert team helps to automate the workflow by meeting unique business requirements and connecting your data across multiple platforms.    

What are the benefits you get from atQor’s Salesforce Consulting Services?


Our Salesforce CRM team enables rapid accommodation with increasing or decreasing workload without impacting your system’s performance.  


We assist you in guarding your applications against unauthorized access. We offer comprehensive data protection, which includes complex compliance standards such as SOC and HIPAA reports.  

Increased Agility

One can choose the dozen pre-configured cloud designs made for different business sectors. Additionally, one can improve the workflows without adding any complicated installation. 

First to Market

Our team helps you in launching your new services or products on the first go. The tools and the features we add in Salesforce make it the best platform to release new creations.  

Digital Transformation

We help you move to a digital scale by adding low risk and errors and decreasing processing time. Get ready to transform your business operations by creating a new revenue stream. 

360 Customer View

Make informed decisions based on real-time customer data. Moreover, one can access the customer data you require in one system. 

Who are the Salesforce Consulting Partners?

The Salesforce consulting partners ecosystem are growing rapidly, and they offer services to all industry-type organization for small to large clients. Additionally, Salesforce consulting partners help customers to provide specialized knowledge of Salesforce markets, products, and system integration skills.  

Why atQor is a reliable Salesforce partner for your business?

As one of the leading Salesforce consulting service providers, atQor has years of experience supporting organizations to make the most of salesforce investments. Moreover, our team can support teams of every size and scale your business like you never need to look for another Salesforce implementation partner. 

Are there any specific industries that you serve?
  • As long as, we have an experienced and certified Salesforce team, we serve almost all industries and use services and products better. 
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