Salesforce CRM Customization Services

Get the right customization services and empower your business using intellectual Salesforce customization and configuration services. 

Salesforce CRM Customization Services

Tailored Salesforce Solutions to Match your Unique Business Needs

Use the Salesforce customization services and increase sales by evaluating your business goals. Our team helps you define the custom modules, add-ons, workflows, and applications for Salesforce. Our top-quality custom development services help in adding your customized solutions to it. 


atQor, one of the best technology partners, offers engagement and Salesforce customizations to simplify your business workflow. Experience the power of tailored Salesforce solutions and get ready to grow your brand globally. Use custom services to enhance your business sales, improve marketing strategies, and drive better results.  

Customers are paramount to any business. A Customer Relationship Management platform like Salesforce should be a vital aspect of any business vision and strategy. Salesforce is one the largest and most used cloud-based CRM platforms in the world.  With its range of services – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Collaboration – Salesforce CRM is innovative, scalable and agile – in tune with any business need and size. 

Salesforce CRM software lets a business streamline and seamlessly tie together all its client-facing or client-involving operations and processes – with the use of relevant, latest technology. CRMs stitch and make sense of disparate data, continually trickling in from diverse sources and operations. This transforms mere data into powerful business intelligence, helping organizations foster a data-driven, informed decision-making culture.      

Well-integrated and implemented Salesforce CRM helps companies achieve their sales and revenue objectives, while fostering brand loyalty and awareness, as it helps a business manage its customer interactions and enhance overall client experience. 

Can I do it on my own?

Well, it’s not recommended to carry out a Salesforce Implementation independently, especially if you are entirely new to the CRM and new age automation solutions. Scalability, agility, proper deployment, readiness to handle bugs and potential threats/ challenges, training etc. – all require expertise from trained and experienced professionals and Salesforce partners. Your lack of experience, underestimation of timelines, resources and latest offerings from the platform can all lead to failures, delays, loss of productivity, time and money – among other pitfalls. 

Maximize your investments using Salesforce Customization Services 

Add and Customized Objects

Salesforce comes with using standard objects and fields, which help build custom objects to store data that are unique and vital to your organization for greater functionality and higher ROI.  

Salesforce Task Automation

As one of the Salesforce Partners, atQor’s team supports automating business processes and routine workflows. It includes email SMS notifications, APEX triggers, and other process builders to simplify the daily Salesforce CRM.  

UI Optimization

Connect to our certified and expert Salesforce consultant to meet your business requirements. Add fields, update names of the field, reorganize tabs, change page layouts, and a few other things using a custom Salesforce interface.  

Salesforce Einstein AI

Get ready to integrate your Salesforce with Einstein AI and customize it to align with your business requirements. Moreover, use significant insights into your business sales and other service activities. Connect to our team to use the AI Powered features.   

Custom Email Templates

Create and modify the style sheets, email templates, and email attachments with the help of enhanced business efficiency and consistent messaging. Connect to our Salesforce team and resolve your query.  

Salesforce CRM Integration

Get ready to leverage the Salesforce CRM Integration by using tools like accounting, CRM, ERP, database, and various custom apps via REST or SOAP API web services to integrate data flow seamlessly. 

Bulk Data Processing

Streamline your business process by enabling the bulk API for data processing. Use flow builder, process builder, and other bulk triggers to increase performance and create the rules for mass record updating.  

Reports and Dashboards

Access the correct information and leverage the custom report by getting dashboard solutions. Our Salesforce team offers an internal dashboard upgrade that easily matches your specific business requirements.

Data Import and Modeling

Our professional team supports creating rules for importing data from spreadsheets. Moreover, it helps structure the data stored in the system with Salesforce data import and other modeling services.

Why Salesforce Customization for doing Business?

Quick and Easy Adoption

Adopting a CRM means you get easy and quick business executives, managers, and end-users to use your customized systems. Additionally, one can change the management cost that Customization reduces while decreasing the resistance to change.  

Highest ROI

Get the best Salesforce services, from Customization to integration and deployment with atQor Salesforce solutions. Achieve better with using Customization as you’re only paying for custom features. Therefore, you get a better experience with the highest ROI. 

Increased Revenue

Any successful CRM can help offer the best sales efficiency, generating upsell and other cross-sell opportunities. Moreover, you can improve employee productivity by delivering improved customer retention and excellent customer service.

Enhanced Productivity

If you want to improve and develop your business globally, atQor offers excellent Salesforce customization services that match your requirements. We help you deliver solutions and achieve your goals by boosting user productivity.  

Salesforce Products we offer for Customization 

Our Salesforce Experts help solve complex business challenges by improving your Salesforce platform using the below customized Salesforce products. Take support from our Salesforce Professionals and enhance the platform to overcome complex business challenges.  

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud 
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud 
  • Salesforce Service Cloud 
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud 
  • Salesforce Tableau 
  • Salesforce Platform  

Get Hassle-free Salesforce Customization Experience 

Requirement Analysis

Our team defines the requirements by conducting a thorough analysis and identifying it with your current and future business needs.  

Fine-tuning and Customization

Choose to implement the Customization of quality assurance by fine-tuning it, streamlining your business processes, and refining the route implementation.  

Create a customized roadmap.

Choose the best Salesforce consulting team to design a bespoke customization plan and make it easier to fully customized your CRM Solutions. 

Monitor and Support

From setup to lightning experience, a certified team monitors your process and identifies the gap you face while reducing the user's annual downtime. 

Why atQor for Salesforce Customization and Configuration Services?

Our dynamic team of professionals offers significant competence in Salesforce customization and consulting services. We use the bulk triggers and automate the sales, service, and marketing activities in our Salesforce customization strategy. We understand the integration setup, which includes security policies and coding guidelines and get remarkable Salesforce customization services. At atQor, you get the following: 

  • Superior Quality 
  • Certified Salesforce Admins and Developers 
  • Timely Delivery 
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate 
  • Excellent Security and Support 
Important Things to Consider before Salesforce Implementation
Why do you need Salesforce Customization?

If you want to revise your existing Salesforce application or need support to implement the features, using Salesforce customization services can be beneficial. 

How can one configure Salesforce?

One needs to set up Salesforce setup services and improve the performance and your team's productivity. Use the below steps to configure Salesforce. 


  • 1: Add the Company Logo 
  • 2: Fill in Company Details 
  • 3: Set Security Policies 
  • 4: Set up a Sandbox 
  • 5: Add the Power of One Field 
How can you find the customized option in Salesforce?

Users can find the option in Salesforce UI. One needs to create customized settings by typing custom settings in the find box and then choosing the custom settings. When the setting is defined, and fields are added, simply click to manage on the detail page and submit data to your custom setting.  

What is the main difference between Customization and Configuration?

Salesforce Configuration 

Here are a few practices that come under Salesforce configuration. 

  • Create reports on field utilization. 
  • Non-active users are deactivated. 
  • Check errors at regular intervals. 
  • Run the Apex test. 
  • Extend the brand experience. 


Salesforce Customization 

  • Check below practices that cover Salesforce Customization. 
  • Customer Portal Administration. 
  • Can get customized dashboards. 
  • Expand the platform functionality. 
  • Using Layouts and Subjects. 
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