Salesforce CRM Implementation Services

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Salesforce CRM Implementation

Salesforce Implementation

When an organization or business decides to get the Salesforce CRM platform, it typically needs to get the Salesforce implementation done in a methodical and step-by-step manner. This ensures data safety, secure migration and integration, appropriate customization and a thorough configuration of the platform, keeping in view the specific business needs and ongoing processes and legacy system.  

Salesforce Implementation can be a complex and difficult process for many institutions/ organizations and, thus, must be carried out with utmost care. Seeking the assistance of an experienced Salesforce consultant or a verifiable Salesforce Implementation partner is rather essential in this regard.   


Customers are paramount to any business. A Customer Relationship Management platform like Salesforce should be a vital aspect of any business vision and strategy. Salesforce is one the largest and most used cloud-based CRM platforms in the world.  With its range of services – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud and Collaboration – Salesforce CRM is innovative, scalable and agile – in tune with any business need and size. 

Salesforce CRM software lets a business streamline and seamlessly tie together all its client-facing or client-involving operations and processes – with the use of relevant, latest technology. CRMs stitch and make sense of disparate data, continually trickling in from diverse sources and operations. This transforms mere data into powerful business intelligence, helping organizations foster a data-driven, informed decision-making culture.      

Well-integrated and implemented Salesforce CRM helps companies achieve their sales and revenue objectives, while fostering brand loyalty and awareness, as it helps a business manage its customer interactions and enhance overall client experience. 

Can I do it on my own?

Well, it’s not recommended to carry out a Salesforce Implementation independently, especially if you are entirely new to the CRM and new age automation solutions. Scalability, agility, proper deployment, readiness to handle bugs and potential threats/ challenges, training etc. – all require expertise from trained and experienced professionals and Salesforce partners. Your lack of experience, underestimation of timelines, resources and latest offerings from the platform can all lead to failures, delays, loss of productivity, time and money – among other pitfalls. 

Important Things to Consider before Salesforce Implementation
Setting a clear vision

Knowing what you want from a CRM, how you visualize it to work for you and how Salesforce will help you achieve your long-term vision – all help in consolidating this process and major business move.  

Align your stakeholders

Let everyone and not just the top management be aware of the momentous change that lies ahead. This includes the actual end-users or your sales, marketing, project, services and other related teams. 

Team Planning

Once the intent is conveyed, formulate dedicated in-house team or assign resources, who will be a direct part of the Salesforce Implementation process – along with the external Salesforce Implementation Consultant team.  

Goal setting and Budgets allocation

This helps regulate the processes through the implementation process. You have a checklist ready to ensure you stick to your goals and vision, and can identify (and uproot/ handle) roadblocks and complexities well in time. 


Typical migration and implementation processes run the risk of overstepping in terms of time, leading to confusions and resource wastage. Setting timelines ahead with proper milestones is key to a successful, timely delivered implementation project.  

Need Analysis

Most businesses will benefit if they do with a Salesforce Consultant or an Implementation partner. Documents to establish milestones, timelines, budgets and goals can be drafted, along with possible and required customizations for your operations.  

Project Methodology

You, along with your Salesforce partner services, can choose which of the two methodologies – Waterfall (sequential) or Scrum (Iterative) – would be suitable for your systems, budgets and needs. If you are implementing Salesforce for the first time, you can choose a different approach vis-à-vis if you are upgrading the system.  


Upgrades as well as first time implementations – all require training of the staff and users. Your Salesforce Implementation Services can help you set up regular training options to ensure everyone is on board. 


Invest in a reliable services consultant to ensure you have the critical support of Salesforce certified personnel to bail you out of any potential eventualities – during and after the implementation process, upgrades and customization options.   

Steps in Salesforce Implementation Process

CRM Implementation should be a thorough and well-carried out process – to ensure secure and successful deployment, integration and ease-of-use

It is usually done in a step-wise manner, and the usual steps included in Salesforce Implementation are   

Assessment, Planning, Strategy

Assess needs & vision. Sort budgets and find expert implementation services. After understanding current processes, partner consultants create a project scope, plan and strategy with timelines & milestones.    


On getting in-depth understanding of your business needs and processes, consultants create a tailored configuration to Salesforce platform. Keep this in tune with a solid change management strategy, which must be conveyed to staff (end-users) at this time  


The Salesforce CRM tools and processes are highly customizable – as per any legacy system features. Experts understand this and create custom solutions/ objects, fields, workflows and automation features

Data Migration

This is a crucial step, as the new CRM features and capabilities can only be most useful, once they are in tune with a legacy system – and the data is securely integrated. Data security, accuracy & consistency are paramount.


Much like Migration, Integration is a critical step, as Salesforce CRM capabilities are integrated with other business functions and departments. Salesforce is highly integrable & can be integrated with almost all software/ apps etc.  

Training, Adoption/Deployment & Support

The features must be rolled out gradually, so end-users are not overwhelmed – and simultaneous training is taken care of. Transition times & strategies matter a lot, and so does subsequent support & maintenance.  

Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Implementation Services refer to the professional services offered by designated Salesforce partners or certified consultants to help businesses successfully and securely implement Salesforce solutions – in tune with their specific systems and requirements. Salesforce Implementation Services can help businesses streamline their operations, improve customer engagement, and drive growth/ revenue. It is essential to choose a reliable and experienced Salesforce partner or consultant that can deliver high-quality services and support to ensure a successful implementation project. 

Why do I need Salesforce Implementation Services or Implementation Partner?

Since CRM is critical to any business’ success and long-term growth – and it also involves extremely sensitive data – CRM Implementation must be done after careful analysis and planning of each step. A reliable and experienced Salesforce Implementation Services provider or partner consultant is integral to this process. Businesses should choose a Salesforce Implementation Partner after a profound understanding of not only the software, but also the variety of services and consulting options available.  


The implementation services partners are experts, who help you optimize at every stage of the Salesforce CRM implementation project. This helps save time, effort and frustrating scenarios or glitches.

Latest Know-How

The consultants on board these service partners are up to date with latest product information and market insights. This gives you know-how and customization options, possible only with a certain level of experience and expertise.

Best Practices

Reliable Salesforce Implementation services will help you sort things out at every stage of getting the CRM and getting to know it – so it can be used by your staff and organization to its optimal usage, bringing you great value on your tech-investments.


Consultants and their teams not only implement and deploy the CRM software, but also hand-hold through the crucial rollout. From deciding timelines, data migration to configuration, software integration with legacy system and 3rd party tools to support and user-training – a consultant or implementation partner like atQor can help you in a successful rollout of Salesforce CRM at every step.


Proper documentation at every step ensures you have a solid knowledge base. System administrator training is an essential part of implementation, which ensures you in-house users are trained well. This helps you manage your CRM long after the implementation project is finished.

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