Salesforce Managed Service

Streamline your business process and improve your customer relationship with Salesforce Managed Services. 


Salesforce Managed Service

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Maximize investment and grow your ROI with Salesforce managed services. With using Salesforce managed platform, organizations can grow and evolve. However, our Salesforce managed service consultant helps in offering capabilities like support, sustain, and other extended Salesforce services. Get a flexibility, scalability, and economic solutions 

There is an organization that wants to accelerate the digital business transformation and leverage a broad range of Salesforce applications. View the entire program dynamically and get a continuous improvement of adaptive platforms. Our Salesforce managed services team offers ongoing client support that adapts to faster business needs and captures the business value when required. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey. A team of experts helps you leverage a powerful platform to its fullest capabilities. 


Salesforce Managed Services Process


It is designed to meet the customers’ real requirements by providing customized solutions. Moreover, get an accurate strategy by considering sales objectives, customer service, marketing, etc. 



The services are implemented by creating a single Salesforce solution. Moreover, it guarantees to offer a customer’s specific requirements based on your business, industry, and the complexity of the projects. 


Support and Evolution

Get ongoing management of your Salesforce solution by performing user administration, data administration, etc. Also, get system performance checks and constant monitoring. Perform bug fixing and issue resolution by performing monthly security checks. 


Custom App Development

Get Salesforce solutions by tailoring custom workflows, email templates, reports, and more. We create custom applications based on your business requirements and meet internal business needs. 



The integration services for Salesforce use third-party systems and solutions to get a seamless and comprehensive user experience based on all contracted systems. Integrate and get a smooth experience across all systems. 



Choosing an excellent Salesforce consulting services team guaranteed the maximum usage of Salesforce solutions and services. Connect to the Salesforce-managed consultant services team and optimize your system. 


What includes Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce managed services offers solutions based on business CRM requirements. Use below Salesforce managed services to know about how Salesforce managed services consultant works for you. 


Strategic Planning

It comes with a strategy or a practice to outsource the responsibility to maintain and anticipate the managed services. Our expertise use an improved operations to reduce the budget expenditure. Moreover, our strategy are planned based on the business requirements.


Salesforce Optimization

To use Salesforce optimization is like your company works smarter, with creating a marketing strategy, and improving productivity. Additionally, build a strong customer relationship to have a smooth process. We integrate the Salesforce according to your business requirements. 


Lightning Migration

Transform your business using managed services and selecting the transition that impacts your organization. One can create a new modern look and feel for your business with making customer interaction simpler. Improve your work productivity with migrating from Salesforce. 


Development Operations

Drive productivity by eliminating the overhead using various Salesforce DevOps practices. Our team helps build the Salesforce experience that fits your business and provides a robust platform that extends the capability. 


Analytics, Reports, and Dashboard

Gain access to reports and dashboards by building custom-built businesses and showing the metrics that matter. Select an excellent Salesforce-managed service consultant and get ready to use the powerful reporting tool that works together. 


Marketing Automation

One can create and design the ideal journey for their customers with the help of automation experts. We use excellent technology that manages the marketing processes and multi-functional campaigns across multiple channels. 


Why atQor for Salesforce managed services?

Salesforce Managed services come with a comprehensive set of processes and activities ranging from implementing to monitoring the evolution. Few of the main reasons why atQor is the best known as a Salesforce consultant are listed below: 


Expert Team

Our team of expert Salesforce specialists and consultants helps manage the contraction functions easily. 


Proactive Approach

We detect and fix the errors before it happens, reducing business interruptions. Improve the solution using the latest feature. 


Increased Productivity

We help staff focus on business performance by adding value to the task and developing long-lasting customer relationships. 


Economic Costs

Get an affordable, competitive cost for your business by including Salesforce vendors that offer a flat monthly rate to avoid budget uncertainties. 


Diversity in Functionality

There is a wide range of functionality, including IT, sales, marketing, consulting, support, and more.


Why do organizations require Salesforce Managed Services?

The companies require managed services to carry on their day-to-day management activities. Moreover, it helps organizations choose a highly specialized team of Salesforce consultants. With consulting service team, one can get the best design solution, implement it, and deliver ongoing management across the entire salesforce platform. 


How should I start with Salesforce Managed Services?

Choose the best Salesforce-managed services by connecting with vendors and discussing the requirements and their quotations. You can connect with the atQor team if you don't want to waste your time looking for the best consultant services. Select the team and set up the necessary processes and procedures to manage your Salesforce implementation. 


What services are included in Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce Managed Services covers a wide range of support and maintenance, optimization, security, and compliance. Along with it covers integration, data management, and customization. Moreover, the specific services depending on the requirements of the customers. 


What sized company benefits from Salesforce Managed Services?

Companies of all sizes can be benefited from Salesforce managed services. While for small to mid-size businesses, it often comes with a complete Salesforce solution. Get connected to allow us to take over the Salesforce support function for business users. 


How much does Salesforce Managed Services cost?

The cost may vary and depend on the vendor and the specific services offered. However, few Salesforce service providers provide fixed pricing while others charge based on the number of users and level of services they provide. However, getting a detailed quotation from the company and understanding the pricing requirements is essential. 


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