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Salesforce CRM Migration Consulting

Hassle-Free Data Migration

Migrating your existing data to Salesforce means reshaping the old furniture when moving to a new house. We need to think about how it should blend in. Similarly, moving your business’s critical data from your existing system into Salesforce requires the right kind of Salesforce consultant. As moving to a new Salesforce environment is a crucial step, atQor’s Salesforce consulting team helps you migrate in a user-friendly way without de-duplicating and managing it more simply.

Experts and strategists can help you select the scalable integration option depending on sales, marketing, finance, or other custom-made apps requiring data sharing with Salesforce. Our team uses the best data migration practices and guarantees to provide error-free migration.

Salesforce Migration Services

If you are looking to migrate your data to Salesforce, then atQor is the best choice. Our experts move your existing data to the Salesforce platform by using reliable data migration services. Use our Salesforce migration services and convert every possible source into an optimal data structure enabling your organization to grow globally and make profitable and informed decisions.


Data Migration Planning

Determine the mapping field and plan data migration accordingly. Understand how the data is transferred and improved for optimal performance based on the targeted location.  


Salesforce Data Synchronization

One can synchronize to the different data sources and carry on one or two side synchronization. Add reliable and cost-effective Salesforce data migration using this service.  

Salesforce Custom Migration

Customers can migrate their data from any CRM or other system to have a modern and secured Salesforce platform. Moreover, sync data with Salesforce CRM with Salesforce data Migration. 


Salesforce to Salesforce Migration

One can migrate all existing data from Salesforce org or other external sources by leveraging cost-effective Salesforce data migration based on your enterprise. 


CRM to Salesforce Migration

One can read, analyze, and reform data from other CRM, making it suitable for salesforce data migration experts. Also, we offer real-time support along with Salesforce data migration services.  


NetSuite to Salesforce Migration

Users can export complete data from NetSuite CRM to Salesforce within a few clicks. Get ready to extract and import the entire data fields with the support of Salesforce experts. 


Do more than just extract, transform, and loading. 

We are not just a Salesforce migration service company that only moves data. We move extra to ensure your data is of the highest quality.  



Our Salesforce consultant helps prevent duplicates from migrating by giving a fresh start. 



Migrate complete data to add value to your business and grow globally. 



The Salesforce experts ensure all addresses are well-delivered and standardized. 


Our team helps keep the data clean and protects against duplicates.


How We Work

Data Analysis

Our Salesforce consultant understands the requirements, unique customizations, and structure needed. Based on the information collected, we create a roadmap for migration.  


Data Standardization

The data migration team format and optimize the data adequately based on the Salesforce environment. Also, we check the quality before transferring it to ensure consistency and accuracy. 


Data Mapping

Our Salesforce team creates an entity relationship document by visualizing the data type, structure, and record counts. With Salesforce data mapping fields, one can get accurate data access.  


Sandbox Import 

We help you move all your initial data in batch format into a Salesforce test environment by checking data mapping and accuracy. Later, we proceed by adding live import only after approval is made. 


Data Migration

We import all CRM data to Salesforce based on data model revisions and field mapping in Sandbox testing. The migration process is time-consuming. Therefore, we need to prepare it accordingly.  


Validating Data 

We have QA testers who validate the data and check whether all the information is transferred properly in the correct manner. Moreover, the training promotes the comfortable adoption of Salesforce solutions. 


Your Challenges, Our Solutions

Importing Large Volume of Data

Our Salesforce migration team only recommends importing bulk data at a time. As we migrate a small subset of the data in a sandbox which allows easy fixes. 


Inadequate Testing

We have tested a team that uses various test methods to run reports at the ends. One can check the record counts utilizing the developer console recorded by SOQL queries.  


Mapping Irrelevant Data

It is one of the primary steps to eliminate the unnecessary data only used in a few records. However, our team uses fields like Legacy ID or User ID for its source data. 


Inadequate Knowledge of Data Structure

The stakeholders are aware of the data structure and its flow. Moreover, their feedbacks are essential for any modifications and help to eliminate any issues that arise initially.  


Planning Migration Order

Our Salesforce experts understand the importance of custom objects in the case of standard objects. Caring for the relationship and multiple inclusion of the same objects in other objects is essential. 


We are Data Migration Service Provider and a CRM Expert.

At atQor, we deliver a full range of data management and highquality data tools. From data cleansing and integration, from de-duplication to enabling users to reach the full potential of cloud-based and service-based architecture. As a leading Salesforce consulting partner company, our team aims to provide customers all required resources to manage their data with saving time, money efficiency. Our certified Salesforce consultant execute data migration projects throughout every stage and beyond. 


What are the data migration tools?

Data migration tools help users read, load, analyze, and transfer the database to its targeted location from source locations. The tools use a special architectural process and design for smooth and efficient data transfer.  


What is data migration in Salesforce?

Salesforce data migration is a process of transferring data to Salesforce org from other software to improve operations. Moreover, we have a Salesforce migration consultant that assists you with identifying the data transfer, helps select the data transfer approach and tools, validates data, tests it, and ensures user adoption after the project completes. 


What are the benefits Salesforce brings to your table?
  • Increased productivity and output 
  • Cutting edge automation 
  • Insightful reporting 
  • Customized dashboards 
  • Easy and swift co-operation 
  • Workflow enhancements 


How atQor salesforce consultant is different from others?

Our Salesforce data migration consultant helps prepare, select, migrate, and validate data. We assist to access differences between old and new systems, field naming, and objects in data mapping by creating a backup of it. Our expert team helps you pick the right tools and use the best approaches and strategies to move sets efficiently.  


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