Salesforce Support & Maintenance Services

Create a functional Salesforce environment, boost sales, and bring productivity to your business process using Salesforce Support Services 


Salesforce Support

Salesforce Support Services

Use the right level of Salesforce support and maintenance service to get the upgrades for your business processes. At atQor, we have a team who understands how Salesforce support works and how it can benefit businesses at every level. Our experts look at the current situation and recommend adding intuitive features that help your business grow globally.  

We offer a well-organized and maintained CRM with steady performance. Moreover, our Salesforce support teams are ready to go the extra mile and offer a smooth CRM experience. We identify the weak areas and provide training and tuning of the system. We trace-correct every issue, integrate custom features by filling the gaps and render support based on your business requirements. 

Our Salesforce Support Services

Salesforce brings the top-line of support services that help your businesses grow and maximize investment with the right Salesforce solutions.  

Managed Services

We offer a service that simplifies the transition to the cloud platform. Configure, develop, customize, integrate, implement, and migrate data and applications. Scale the CRM capabilities with consistent performance, marketing, and customer service process through managed services provided by Salesforce support. Craft need-specific Salesforce support and maintenance services, using Managed services. 

Remote Administrator

One can save more on Salesforce TCO, which offers demand remote and onsite Salesforce Administrators. Deliver SLA- specific Salesforce support services worldwide by using proven competencies. By providing the best Salesforce remote support services team, one can collaborate and strategize with clients and easily maintain their business processes. Get an effortless Salesforce enablement and administration using onsite Salesforce services. 


User, Admin, and Management Training

The support services from SFDC comes with training and working knowledge of cloud CRM for users, management, and administrator. The support services offered by atQor come with seamless configuration, customization, implementation, integration, and other troubleshooting of Salesforce platforms. One can use unified functionality to use the upskill solutions that help your organization attain effortless management control.   


Production Support & Administration

One can maximize the potential of existing CRM infrastructure using a fully functional Salesforce IT Service Desk. We have a team that is valued globally and support extensive production and administration services to help clients get an error-free ecosystem. Moreover, our support and maintenance teams allow the organization fine-tunes the system for quick adoption towards more complex business requirements.  


Why atQor for Salesforce Support Services?

Using Salesforce support services from atQor helps to make the operational process transparent and streamlined. Moreover, our team is focused on value rather than activities. We help provide plans with enhanced functionality and sales growth in the digital department. Look for the below pointers to understand why we are a better choice for you. 


Strategic Planning

Our support team helps in road mapping to realize the long-term ROI. Our executive goal-setting workshops, business process reviews, and more add to our strategic planning. 


Integration Support

If you have easy synchronizations, do not wait for updates. Our team helps monitor your integrations, troubleshoot the issues, and build custom APIs when required.   


Lightning Migration

Using a Salesforces Lightning can come with a modern look and help customers make it more delightful for users to work on. Our support team used it for a faster version and new elements. 


Center of Excellence

Does your Salesforce support services help offer a strategy aligned with your business? Connect with us to ensure your organization achieves its goals with getting excellence. 


Data Management

Get a Salesforce team that manages your data in real time, with validations, juggling integrations, backup policies, and other storage reviews. Manage your data by using strategy-based services. 


Marketing Automation

Take your Salesforce implementation to the next level using Salesforce marketing automation. This help in unlocking the ideal customer journey using marketing automation.  

What are Salesforce Support Services?

Salesforce is a powerful CRM Platform, while Salesforce support and evolution services offer 24/7 system monitoring, functionality upgrades, a user help desk, and many others. Moreover, get complete development support and administrators for Salesforce products, guaranteeing that it runs smoothly whenever required 


How do Salesforce Support Services work?

We have a team for Salesforce support services that offer packages that tailor your requirements. Moreover, you’ll get access to a certified professional who provides expert support and makes configuration modification easier by fixing errors or adding new capabilities.  


Can Salesforce CRM be integrated with websites?

Yes, why not. You can integrate Salesforce CRM with your existing website. The only thing you need to do is to connect with our experts and schedule a call to get better assistance. 


Why is Salesforce Support considered essential for businesses?

The Salesforce support team ensures that the platform runs smoothly and effectively. It can help to get the most out of their businesses. Moreover, you can resolve any errors with the Salesforce platform and allow companies to avoid disruptions to their operations. 


Can a Salesforce support service include Salesforce migration services?

Yes, indeed, the Salesforce service team helps with seamless Salesforce migrations. Moreover, salesforce support can ensure zero turbulence during the migration process. 


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