Tableau Consulting Services

Turn your real-time data into actionable insights and derive them in a minute. 

Tableau Consulting Services
Manage the complexity of your data with Tableau!

Use a powerful and intuitive platform Tableau, which allows people to make data-driven decisions confidently. Tableau helps various organizations to become data-driven by providing in-depth capabilities to serve the needs and have a seamless experience. Getting connect with the atQor team assist you in making a decision faster and help to unlock the customer data with ease. Data Cloud for Tableau helps in connecting to an integrated data source which includes Salesforce instance to visualize and automate data. Working on Data Cloud helps to resolve the complexity to build customer data platform in real-time. 

Turn data into insights across the organization with API-led Integration.

Getting all your data in one place and real-time for analysis can be crucial. Therefore, Cloud integration is necessary for businesses to manage data analytics applications. Also, it works efficiently among systems like integration platforms to use business intelligence rapidly. Use an API integration platform to develop repeatable integration applications and connect to third-party apps on-premises or Cloud. Additionally, cloud integration allows data analytics to be in one place and provides access through one interface in real time. 

Get ready to grow your business and maximize your investment by using our Tableau Consulting Services.

Tableau Versions

Tableau Desktop 

It is a tool that offers various types of graphs, charts, reports, and more to form a dashboard. Later, the dashboard can be shared with the server and read in the Tableau server. Furthermore, the Tableau Desktop can be shared privately, whereas the workbook can not be shared publicly and is also given limited access. In short, it is used in professional work to share and get published over Tableau Server. 

Tableau Online

Tableau Online can support various data from the web app, Google Analytics, and eCommerce shops. It comes with an online sharing tool in which data is saved on the servers, fully arranged on the Cloud, and well-maintained. Also, there is no storage limit for data that should be published. At the same time, Worksheet needs to be created by Tableau Desktop and should be broadcasted. 

Tableau Server

It is used to share the dashboards, visualization, and Worksheet generated through Tableau Desktop. Later, the Worksheet needs to be published on the Tableau server then only it can be accessible to various users. Moreover, the Tableau server has high security where users can effectively share their data within an organization.  

Tableau Public

It is one of the cost-effective Tableau versions created for public use. Here, the Worksheet is made and saved on the Tableau server to use and shared by everyone. Also, it comes easily and offers unlimited access to users. If anyone wants to learn about Tableau, use this public version, and you’re ready.  

Tableau Reader

 It is a tool that enables to read the worksheets/visualized them through Tableau Desktop or through Tableau Public. Here, the data can be redefined by any modification. Also, there is no data security as it is public and can be accessed by any user to read worksheets. In short, it’s a free desktop app that can be used to open and interact with the data visualization built in Tableau desktop. 

Tableau Features

Tableau Dashboard

It comes with a complete data view which means visual objects, visualizations, text, and more. As dashboards are very informative, they can present data in the story form to get multiple views and objects by providing various formats. Also, one can copy one workbook element into another with ease.  

Live and In-Memory Data

Tableau comes with connectivity for both live data sources and data extraction. It allows users to access data from multiple types of data source. Use additional Tableau features to get data connectivity support.  

Robust Security

Tableau comes with full-poof security, mainly based on the authentication and permission for data connections and gives user access. Moreover, Tableau comes with the freedom to integrate it with various security protocols. Also, using Tableau practices offers excellent data security.  

Informative View and Mobile View

Keep your team connected and ensure the employees can access data while on the go. Furthermore, the remote team can refer to Tableau dashboards whenever necessary to get reliable information. Get complete data control by gaining insights from where you are.   

Collaboration and Sharing

Tableau has various collaborative options for users to instantly share data in the form of sheets, visualizations, dashboards, and more in real time. Also, one can share data securely from various data sources, including on-premises, hybrid, on-cloud, etc.  

Data Sources

Create a data view in form of visualizations. The data source ranges from on-premises files, spreadsheets, relational databases, data warehouses, and other on-cloud data available on Tableau. Tableau has various options from which you can connect and fetch data. 

atQor Proficiency and Excellence

We have expertise in data analysis and data visualization. Our potent team helps to integrate, interpret, and evaluate business data to grow and innovate your businesses. Here are a few pointers that make you understand how we are better for you. 

From data investigation to an organization, we have a team who can perform all tasks at their superior level. 

Get a centralized platform for your business and integrate CRM data with Tableau to get productive results. 

Our professional team follows the agile methodology and understands the vision by designing the roadmaps. 

Manage and migrate your data hassle-free by filtering your data and integrating it with Tableau dashboards. 

Contact our expert consultant to get ongoing support services for your simple or complex query.  


  • Remarkable Visualization 
  • Ease to Use 
  • Mobile Friendly 
  • High Performance 
  • Rich Community 
  • Tableau is powerful and intuitive, and it comes with a different user experience that can empower people of all skills to level up. It helps to analyze data by exploring and using visuals and other supporting languages. With passing time, Tableau has become the standard language to engage customers and provide modern businesses the best opportunities to grow globally. Lastly, Tableau offers a dedicated and customer-focused innovation.  
  • Tableau offers various solutions for all industries, data environments, and departments. A few of them are listed below: 

    • It’s less complex and require basic level of programming. 
    • The software is easier to setup. 
    • Data blending is done in real-time from different sources. 
    • Get real-time collaboration and embed a live dashboard in the Salesforce portal. 
    • Use the centralized location to manage all the organization’s published data sources. 
  • The ask function can increase the popularity among customers with making altering data and performing standard Google searches. It can be both text-based and graphic-based versions. The only thing to do is ask a question in a natural language, and Tableau will respond with the most relevant information.  

  • Tableau CRM can be used as CRM centric data analysis tool to get robust data management, data visualization, and predictive analytics capabilities. As Tableau CRM is built on an open and scalable cloud-based platform, it can be suitable for Salesforce users to gain actionable insights with boosting productivity.   

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